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One on One Technology Support

Newton County Public Library offers computer and other personal electronic device assistance in the form of FREE on-on-one help sessions each month.     


Topics Library staff will assist with are:

·        Computer basics (Window 7,8, 10 and iPads)   

·        Downloading various content to your device   

·        How to use an iPad, Kindle, Android device or smart phone   

·        Setting up e-mail, Facebook, Skype or other accounts   

·        Organizing files, photos and music   

·        Microsoft Office basics   

·        Using USB flash drives to save personal data   

·        Using mobile hotspots

·        Researching a topic on the Internet   


Things to know when scheduling a One on One session:   

·        Staff members are unable to troubleshoot or repair devices   

·        The Library is not liable for any damage to customer equipment that may occur during a help session   

·        Bring any device you need help with along with you, include power cords, or let us know if you wish to use a stationary computer for instruction   

·        Staff may not be able to assist with every device type, program or problem 

·        Appointments are based on staff availability   

·        Patrons may only book one 30-minute session at a time   


Lake Village will host its next help session on Wednesday, February 15th.  Please call 219/992-3490 to register. Roselawn will offer this help on Tuesday, February 14th.  Call 219/3502010 to schedule a session.  Morocco Community Library will have One on One Technology support on Friday, February 17th. Patrons may call 219/285-2664 to register for a time slot.

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